Toyota Insure Program expands with additional partner insurers

Aiming to earn more customer smiles, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation expands its Toyota Insure Program by accrediting three more insurance companies – Federal Phoenix Group Insurance, Peoples’ General Insurance, and Stronghold Insurance.

This MOA signing event officially increases the number of Toyota Insure accredited insurance providers from two to five  companies as the three companies join Charter Ping An and Malayan Insurance as TMP’s accredited insurance partners. As a result, Toyota can stretch its reach to provide valuable and worry-free ownership to more customers in leading toward its ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

“In 2015, we launched the Toyota Insure Program with the aim of providing customers with vehicle insurance full-service
coverage at a reasonable price. Through close communication among TMP, dealers and insurers, the program was able to
reach an enormous support and acceptance by the public in our first year of implementation,” TMP President Satoru Suzuki said at the signing ceremony with the three insurance companies. “I am pleased to say that our three additional partners share the same passion to provide our customers with the best coverage for their lifetime ownership of Toyota. Allow me to thank all five insurance partners for supporting us in our goal of customer retention. Let us always remember that customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

New insurance partners are set to start providing Toyota Insure products to the public on April 1, 2016.

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